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Packing Service

With our experience, we know how important is the proper packaging and preparation of boxes for transportation. Therefore, BigVan2U, can take care of all your packing requirements. Our team has the skills to pack your delicate and fragile items. All your glass, china and others breakable items will be protected by wrapping by fresh packing paper and placed in the appropriate size of the boxes. All your large ornaments, mirrors, pictures etc. will be carefully wrapped by bubble wrap to protect them. Other items such as books, clothing, bedding etc. They will also be packed into the appropriate size of the boxes, properly labelled contents of each box. Professionally packed items will be maximally protected and safe on their journey. This will ensure that every item arrived at your home clean and intact. Partial packing service for your possessions is available.

Should you choose to pack all items yourself before the move, we can supply you packing kit to get you started. BigVan2U also sell new or used boxes individually depending on customer needs. Local delivery free of charge.

Various sizes and types of boxes are available depending on what content needs packing. This includes wardrobe boxes, box tape, bubble wrap, packing paper and mattress covers.

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