"We Care for it all - plan, pack, move, clean."


Terms and conditions of BigVan2U and Customer rights.

  1. Conditions of Payment
    We accept cash payments, bank transfers or debit/credit card (3% charge applies for card payments). Once we have made an agreement for a removal service you will be asked to pay deposit, which will be valued 30% of the final price. Customers should not hold or cancel the payment without giving any notice. This may lead to ceasing the contract as well as the commission being carried out.
  2. Order Withdrawal
    We have several types of fees intended for order withdrawal or a hold off depending on each case.
    • If more than 14 days to an agreed date there is no fee
    • If during the 14-day period the fee will be -10% of the value
    • If within 24 hours the fee will be -30% of the value
  3. Customer Responsibilities
    As customer, you are required to:
    • Verify that our staff collects and delivers everything that you need
    • Be liable for the safety of your goods by referring to a point below
    • Be present at all collection points and targets or commission someone else for supervision
    • Acquire any essential passes or documents at your own cost for removal to take place
    • Prepare any white goods or other devices for transportation and storage in advance
    • Cover the cost of any parking space necessary for the removal to take place as well as any penalties that resulted from the removal
    Any offers from quotes reviewed by BigVan2U Removals are valid for 2 months. We cannot guarantee processing the offer in terms of vehicle availability on designated date. Your approval of our offer via email does not establish any contract agreement between you and BigVan2U Removals until you will receive our verification. Please note that our suggested price may change if any conditions change. The following factors are considered:
    • Delivering or collecting items from higher levels of the building
    • Any extra duties such as storage or moving
    • Detaining of service due to factors without our impact (e.g. traffic congestion)
    • Inappropriate or difficult conditions of work
    • Additional deductions such as parking charges needed to complete the task
    • Any other factors that may impact our work
  5. Extra Tasks
    All requested additional jobs must be agreed on a document. This includes dismantling, assembling, fitting, removing, relocating, disconnecting, connecting, laying, or storing. In a case when an agreement has not been created on a document and a member of our team will complete any of these tasks for you, we will not be responsible for any damage or loss.
  6. Storage
    We are committed for the following conditions under storage agreement:
    • To present the best quotation offer based on customer’s individual needs
    • To include all necessary preparation prior to storage services for the customer
    • To ensure that goods are stored safely
    • To inform the customer if their goods are stored under other storage company
  7. Prohibited Items
    There is a list of items excluded from our removal services:
    • Deeds, money, cheques, coins, securities, stamps, jewellery, valuable stones, watches, precious antiques, or any other collections of similar type possibly damaging, dangerous or explosive objects
    • Items that contain any vermin, pests or may cause infection
    • Food or drink that have been frozen or cooled
    • Animals including pets
    We do not take responsibility of any of the goods listed above. Furthermore, we keep the right to dispose any goods listed in the second, third and fourth point without a warning.
  8. Customer Ownership
    After getting into an agreement with us you must assure that you are the owner of the goods being removed or you have a full permission from the owner for the goods to be transported or stored. Moreover, you must insure our company against any claims about damages or costs.
  9. Negligence
    In a case when there will be any type of negligence from customer’s side, which will cause delays or any difficulties in collecting or delivering goods, they may be kept in storage. Storage costs or other expenses will then need to be caught up by the customer.
  10. Our Liability
    As a contractor, we offer an insurance cover for the value of maximally £10 000 from a claim. If you require any further protection we advise you to contact us 2 weeks before the removal. This will need to be done at customer’s expense. There are things that we are not liable for:
    • Objects of fragile nature, sensitive equipment, deep freezers, electronic devices, motor-driven machines, clockwork, self-assembly furniture that is unsuitable for transportation
    • Items that have not been packed or unpacked by our team
    • Goods that have been forgotten or simply left inside moved, stored and transported items (e.g. inside furniture)
    • Any organic matter
    • Food and drink
    • Rejected goods listed in 5th article
    • Goods damaged because of poor access conditions
    • Items of unknown condition received from a third party
  11. Claims
    As a customer, you are eligible to make a claim against any loss or damage of our fault. However, there is a limited time for this. You can report any claims to BigVan2U Removals within 48 hours after the delivery target has been reached. Otherwise, we will be no longer responsible for any loss or damage claimed.
  12. Our Rights
    According to law we have a full right to hold back your goods until all required payments are completed. Any additional charges that we have made on your behalf are included. If the payment is delayed you will need to cover the costs of the period that your goods were stored for. There may be other costs occurring from delays in payments.